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We are delighted to welcome a very special 2023 filly... SHADIYA AL SHAQAB sired by US National Champion, Las Vegas Champion and World Champion Rhan al Shahania out of a stunning Brazilian bred mare Caranda Shakira, a daughter of Brazilian National Champion Stallion Bandit SRA. Shadiya was bred by Al Shaqab Stud and we are very honoured to include her in our breeding program!
JULY 17th
Congratulations to all the breeders, owners and trainers/handlers of TCHAATA INIZIATO's foals that have once again achieved great results in various International shows in France and Spain!

TCHAATA DINIZIA (Tchaata Iniziato x ASH Donatella / WH Justice) bred by Tchaata Arabians and owned by Lisa Olsen and Hilde Sondervik / Norway
BRONZE Medal Yearling Filly Champion 10th Galician International Championships - Silleda

MISS GILL DU TSIA (Tchaata Iniziato x Mystic Angel / Mystic Immage), bred and owned by Tifany Salierno / France 
SILVER Medal Yearling Filly Champion The City of Kings 2023 European Breeders - Fontainebleau

AA JAL (Tchaata Iniziato x Citrus Aura / Al Ayal AA), bred by GC Arabians and owned by Aritz Aranburu Etxeberria / Spain
GOLD Medal Yearling Colt Champion Fonteta International Arabian Show - Spain
SILVER Medal Yearling Colt Champion 10th Galician International Championships - Silleda
MAY 22nd
Congratulations to AA JAL, this 2022 colt sired by our Multi International Champion TCHAATA INIZIATO has just been awarded  Bronze Medal Yearling Colt Champion in the 2023 Equigal C International Championships / Spain. Congratulations to all involved! 
Ref. Photo as a foal
MAY 1st
Congratulations to IS Arabians Spain for the purchase of our multi Champion filly TCHAATA LADY MONA, wishing them all the best for the future and we are delighted to still be able to breed her for ourselves in a few years!
APRIL 12th
The first foals sired by our Multi International Champion stallion TCHAATA INIZIATO are now yearlings and some of them will make their debut in the showrings in various countries. Wishing the best of luck to our clients with their beautiful Iniziato's offsprings!
ref. photo TCHAATA INIZIATO at the 2022 Spanish Nationals
Our yearling filly LUDJANA EL ARYAN has left and joined her new owner. She should start Show training at Zaniboni Training Center / Italy. It is now time to coordonate the transport of our 2022 filly TCHAATA DINIZIA, weanling is fine and she should leave soon to GC Arabians Training center for her new owner! Wishing all our clients the very best with our homebred fillies!

We are back from Cordoba / Spain where was hold the 2022 Spanish Nationals. It was the 4th show our stallion intended in 2022 .... and the 4th time he was unanimously awarded Gold Medal Champion stallion; classwinner with 94.0 points against some very beautiful stallion including some already Spanish nationals champions and Bronze medal in Aachen, the level of the competition made the win even more appreciated! We wish to warmly thank and congratulate GC Arabians Training center team for the great care and work! It was pure magic...thanks
Tchaata Iniziato's new video: TCHAATA INIZIATO THE SIRE will be available in world premiere on our Youtube channel on September 15th at 19:00 (Paris time). Featuring many of his foals from his 1st foal crop! Here is the link !
I spent a few days in Spain to see some of the foals sired by Tchaata Iniziato owned by our clients... I have been blown away by the quality of his offsprings: kindness, type, huge eyes, great strong structures and movement. Here are some of them...
JUNE 8th
Our Multi Champion homebred Champion TCHAATA INZIATO is back from the International Spanish Show, the IX Galician International Championships in Silleda and he got awarded GOLD Medal Senior Male Champion with the highest score of the Show! Then he became SUPREME Champion, Champion of Champions! Huge thanks to GC Arabians Training Center for the great job!
MAY 24th
2nd show of the season for ou homebred stallion TCHAATA INIZIATO, and a Gold Medal for the 2nd time. Classwinner with 92.75 points, 20s in type and movement, highest score of the entire competition. Then GOLD Medal Senior Male Champion and Best in Show Champion, winning a beautiful trophy a huge wooden sculpture of an Arabian face!
APRIL 25th
Back from A Estrada Arabian Horse Show / Spain where our stallion Tchaata Iniziato won the class of the 7 years old and older stallion class with 92.75 points and became the unanimous GOLD Medal Senior Male Champion! Warm thanks to Santiago, Patri and the all team of GC Arabians Training Center for the great care and work!
Our 2021 filly sired by MF Aryan el Thessa out of Marwan al Shahania (Marwan al Shaqab x ZT Ludbectra / Ludjin el Jamaal) is becoming very impressive, despite the fact that she looks like a teddy bear (she is born end of august 2021) she will be weaned soon.
We are so excited to keep this ZT Ludbectra grand daughter for our breeding program!
Our 2 years old filly Tchaata Lady Mona was shown for the 3rd time this year at the Equigal Arabian Show in Spain. She was 2nd of the 2 years old fillies category with the 2nd highest score of the junior female and was named Bronze Medal Junior Female Champion. 3 shows, 3 times in the championships and 3 times a Medal! She will be bred next year and will compete later as a senior contender!

We are back from  the VIII Galician International Horse Show in Silleda / Spain with  our 2 horses: Tchaata Iniziato and Tchaata Lady Mona trained and handled by GC Arabians Training center:
Tchaata Iniziatio: Class winner, highest score of the show, highest note for mouvement of the show and SILVER Medal Senior Male Champion
Tchaata Lady Mona: 2nd in her class (0.25 points from 1st) and SILVER Medal Junior Female Champion
We are extremely pleased with the results of our first horses exported  to start our second breeding base in Spain!

We will participate at the VIII Galician International Horse Show in Silleda / Spain with  2 of our horses: Tchaata Iniziato (senior male contender) and Tchaata Lady Mona (Junior Female Contender) while our Queen Tchaata D'Aria will be our cover girl for the advert in the show catalogue! All horses are trained and will be shown by Santiago Garcia Calviño of GC Arabians Training Center!
JULY 26th
We are delighted with the results of our homebred filly TCHAATA LADY MONA at the Antela Arabian Horse Show in Spain. Fisrt of all she won the 2 years old fillies category against some very nice fillies from France, Spain and Qatar with 92.0 points. She got her firsts 20s and the next day she was named GOLD MEDAL JUNIOR FEMALE CHAMPION with Santiago Garcia Calviño on the lead!

MAY 7th
We are delighted to get the 1st pregnancy results from mares bred to our stallion Tchaata Iniziato. His fertility rate is very high and all bred mares are checked in foal (via fresh or frozen semen).
He already expects 2022 foals in 3 different European countries!
Discover the new video of Multi International Champion Tchaata Iniziato on the video pages. He hasn't been trained, conditioned for the past 3 years - shown 100% natural! A tall charismatic young stallion that will be stabled at GC Arabians Training center in Spain for the 2021 breeding season. Fresh semen will be available. he is currently in Equine clinic to collect and freeze semen.
We welcome back home Tchaata Iniziato . We imported from Sweden his grand mother, we had sold all his relatives and we are delighted to get the blood of Thee Apprentice, El Shaklan and Padron in our breeding program.
We have seen our yearling filly Tchaata Lady Mona a few days ago...she left for Spain in november 2019, and we were amazed on how big and mature she became, she is already looking like a young mare and her evolution surpasses our expectations!
She will be a future broodmare, she was bred to make another step in our breeding program. Indeed, she is strongly linebred to Ludjin el Jamaal and Ali Jamaal as her sire Fadi al Shaqab and her maternal grandsire MF Aryan el Thessa are both related from sire and dam line to Ludjin el Jamaal and Ali Jamaal! We couldn't be happier with the result and we are already planning to breed her in a few years to get another step closer to our ideal Arabian horse.
We are delighted to announce the sale of our yearling colt Tchaata Alquezar. Congratulations to GC Arabians / Spain, we are happy as we will take part in Alquezar's promotion. 
We will also keep some breedings!
Wishing you all the very best with this unique MF Aryan el Thessa son!
JULY 12th

JUNE 17th
Congratulations to the young studfarm Simon's Arabians for the purchase of our stunning daughter of MF Aryan el Thessa, Avalon My Lady!
JUNE 16th
Tchaata Lady Mona is getting ready to represent Tchaata Arabians in Spain, 1st stop should be Barcelona Costa Brava International Show in August, trained and handled by Santiago Garcia Calviño of GC Arabians Training Center
Tchaata Arabians created a second breeding base in Spain "Yeguada Tchaata Arabians", our 1st exported horse is Tchaata Lady Mona, currently staying with Santiago Garcia Calviño of GC Arabians Training Center. Our 1st mares will be bred in Spain next year.

Please to announce that our hombred TCHAATA SHANYAA, sired by MF ARYAN EL THESSA, has been named Classwinner (out of 11 mares) and Bronze Medal Senior Female Champion at the 2019 Spanish Nationals for her Spanish owner! Congratulations to all involved!
She had been named a few years ago Silver Medal Senior Female Champion at the French Nationals!

We are thrilled to see the 2019 Dutch Nationals results!
Nafiesa Makito sired by our stallion MF Aryan el Thessa out of Nafiesa Malaika (x Ajman Moniscione) has been named classwinner  and Gold Medal Senior Male Champion! Nafiesa Makito is bred and owned by Nafiesa Arabians / The Netherlands.
Congratulations to all involved!
Our stallion MF Aryan el Thessa breeds only 5 mares a year and despite the very limited number of foals born, so many achieve great successes in the showrings worldwide!
AUGUST 25th 
We are thrilled to see the 2019 French Nationals results!
2 offsprings of our chief stallion MF Aryan el Thessa were presented for their owners, 2 mares that both were classwinners!
PIWNICIA NUNKI, classwinner mares 7 years and more, 2nd highest score of the entire competition (93.38 points), Winner of the best movement female  and Silver Medal Senior Female Champion!
AVALON ARYOVKA, classwinner mares with foals at side!
Congratulations to all involved.
We are very pleased to see the impact of our stallion MF ARYAN EL THESSA on his offsprings, both indeniably look a lot like their sire!
JUNE 4th
We are delighted to announce the birth of a very special colt sired by MF Aryan el Thessa and out of the full sister of FA el Shawan, Enad al Shahania (Marwan al Shaqab x Foxbriar Shakita / ZT Shakfantasy).
Welcome Tchaata Alquezar, co-bred by Avalon2 and Tchaata Arabians... we kept sharing and working with Sandrine Hervieu of Avalon2 and once again the result is at the level of our expectations! We are now working on new ventures together...
APRIL 28th
We are so pleased to announce that the daughter of our beautiful mare TCHAATA D'ARIA has participated to her 1st show, she won her class (2 years old fillies), won the Most Beautiful Head Award of the entire competition and was awarded Gold Medal Junior Female Champion!!! Congratulations beautiful Citrus Shadow (Shanghai EA x Tchaata D'Aria / MF Aryan el Thessa), congratulations talented Santiago Garcia Calviño (GC Arabian Training Center) and my great friends Joan and Eva of Citrus Arabians, breeders and owners of this stunning filly! The future is bright!!!
APRIL 18th
Our little grey filly Tchaata Lady Mona is full of attitude, extremely showy and an incredible mover, here is a little amateur phone video, made without making noise, just 100% natural walking by...

MARCH 27th
Never I thought in  a breeder's life that I would witness a second miracle. We breed only a few foals (only 25 since 1991!) and for the second time a phenomenal filly is born. The 1st one was the MF Aryan el Thessa daughter Tchaata D'Aria, and amazingly this year a similar filly is born with the same extreme features, the same unique beauty and attitude. This time a MF Aryan el Thessa grand-daughter, Tchaata Lady Mona, sired by Fadi al Shaqab (whose sire and dam like MF Aryan el Thessa trace back to Ali Jamaal and Ludjin el Jamaal). This filly's dam is our lookalike daughter of MF Aryan el Thessa: Avalon My Lady whose dam is Russian/Polish, a direct daughter of the legendary Monogramm!
MARCH 24th
Congratulations to our friends Eva, Joan y Jana from Citrus Arabians / Spain, for the birth of a phenomenal filly sired by MF Aryan el Thessa and out of the mare ASH Donatella (that we sold to them last year), the full sister of our mare Tchaata D'Aria!
News from the "greatest Horse Show on earth", the 2019 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show!
We are delighted to announce that the great success of our mare ASIA AL TIGLIO's son: What Else SA owned by Sosltis Arabians achieved International 3 years old male Champion and Scottsdale International Silver Medal Junior Male! 
Congratulations to all involved, our clients and friends' success is part of our own success and certainly the most satisfying one!
Asia al Tiglio has only had 2 foals so far so the future is bright at Tchaata Arabians!
We are expecting 2 foals in 2019

- MF Aryan el Thessa x Enad Al Shahania / Marwan al Shaqab (Enad is a full sister to famous stallion FA el Shawan) in partnership with Avalon 2 / France

-Fadi al Shaqab x Avalon My Lady / MF Aryan el Thessa
Ref. stallion FADI AL SHAQAB
Ref. stallion MF ARYAN EL THESSA

MAY  29th 

Congratulations to NAFIESA MAKITO sired by MF Aryan el Thessa, he has just been awarded:

GOLD Medal Senior Male at the National Show in St Oedenrode/ NL

Trophy of the best Dutch horse of the competition

BRONZE Medal Senior Male at the International Show St Oedenrode / NL 

Congratulations to all involved and to his breeder Nafiesa Arabians

MARCH  10th 

Congratulations to all involved for the title of Top 5 Junior female at the 2018 Australian Nationals Championships for Chelleason Mademoiselle Sophia sired by our stallion MF Aryan el Thessa! It was her 1st show appearance!


Discover a stunning daughter of MF Aryan el Thessa out of Sophia VW, beautifully bred and owned by Chelleason Arabian Stud / Australia ! 

Chelleason Mademoiselle Sophia VW

JANUARY  28th 

Discover our new video of MF Aryan el Thessa's worldwide offsprings

Starring from the Middle East:

VA Ludjin Ibn Aryan - Al Aryam Dallal - Avalon Himryaa - Elle Duran

From the USA and Brazil:

Aryanaa - Aryelle el Thessa - Avalon Marsyanah

From Europe:

Tchaata D'Aria - Tchaata Shanyaa - Avalon Ayaade - Nafiesa Makito - Avalon My Lady - Neila Chanel - Avalon Soleiya - Largo de Sarjevane

From Australia:

Nazaryan - Chelleason Mademoiselle Sophia - Sniper SA


Congratulations to M. Jasim Mohammed Abdulla Alshaer Alnaqbi / UAE for achieveing 4th in the Senior Male Championships (chosen 3 times for medals), 2nd of his class at 2017 Fujairah Arabian Horse Show / UAE with his beautiful son of MF Aryan el Thessa.... VA Ludjin Ibn Aryan! Congratulations to all involved. 

Another great son of our stallion that shines abroad!

JUNE  20th 

Discover the new video of a young stallion, kept hidden, 100% natural, not conditioned, never shown! NAZARYAN ,a son of our chief stallion MF Aryan el Thessa out of Nehima, a great daughter of Nazzai, the heritage of Mrs Tanya Hawley incredible breeding program in Australia! Nazaryan is bred and owned by Mrs Catherine Maher and is standing at Paul Hedges International / Australia!

Feeling so proud of Aryan and what he has achieved as a sire worldwide! Thanks to all involved, and especially Paul Hedges, who believes in Aryan as much as I do!

 APRIL 20th

Discover some images of our new farm video that will soon be edited... enjoy for now some views from the sky!

APRIL 17th 

A new adventure as a movie team settled down at the farm for a few days... The new movie of Yannik Ruault, a Scottish/French production and starring our chief stallion MF Aryan el Thessa! This horse amazed everyone, he is not worked or taught for cinema, but I showed him once things he had to do free, and each time they filmed only twice to get what they were looking for!

I was more nervous knowing the situation he was going to face with, especially when he had to get near someone sleeping and snorting in the grass to eat cookies that person had left on his side, then after eating that he had to walk away very calm, staying in shot all the way.

Very proud of him, not only he is a very beautiful horse but also a very intelligent one and also so gentle... 

MARCH 25th 

Congratulations to AL ARYAM Stud in Abu Dhabi for winning Bronze Medal Senior Female at the 2017 EAHS National Championships / UAE with Al Aryam Dallal, a beautiful daugfhter of our stallion MF Aryan el Thessa!

Considering that MF Aryan el Thessa's breedings are very limited ( 10 breedings maximum per year worldwide ) we feel extremely pleased to see that so many of his offsprings win titles worldwide!


Great news from the 2016 World Championships in Paris as our homebred TCHAATA INIZIATO, for the second year in a row, was 3rd of the junior male qualificative categories and achieved the title of World Champion TOP TEN Junior Male! Congratulations to his handler Bernat Tolra and his owner Lys D'or Arabians / France

For the second year in  a row he gets the best rank out of all the French horses presented in Paris.